Vagbremtechnic Front Disc Installation Kit - OE 1 Piece 330x28mm

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Vagbremtechnic Front Disc Installation Kit - OE 1 Piece 330x28mm

The caliper carriers are made from lightweight aluminium. These have steel thread inserts for strength along with a black anodised finish. The supplied front brake lines have been made to our specifications by HEL Performance, which include stainless steel fittings and are finished in their carbon black sheathing. The 1 piece brake discs are 330x28mm from a different vehicle manufacturer which we have modified to allow fitment to your car. We dimple the discs to give it that Porsche turbo look. We also include hub centering rings which reduce the larger center bore of these discs to match VAG hubs to ensure correct fitment. Lastly the fitting kit includes bolts that are high tensile M12x1.25 coupled with quality spring washers.

New pads are highly recommended to be installed.

Included in our kit:
2x Caliper carriers
2x 330x28 1 piece front brake discs (Dimpled Only)
2x Disc mounting screws
2x Centre bore reducing rings
1x Braided front brake lines
4x Caliper to carrier bolts
4x Spring washers for caliper to carrier bolts

To complete this front brake kit you will need:
2x Porsche Boxster calipers (Part No's: 996.351.425 / 996.351.426)
1x Set of brake pads to suit your driving style
Brake fluid to flush system when installing

Audi TT Mk1 (8N)

Audi S3 8L

Audi A3 8L

Skoda Octavia Mk1

Volkswagen Polo 6R/6C

Volkswagen Polo 9n3

Volkswagen Golf Mk4

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