WagnerTuning BMW F-series N20 EVO2 Competition Decat Package

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WagnerTuning BMW F-series N20 EVO2 Competition Decat Package

The competition package for the BMW F-series consists of the intercooler upgrade kit, the N20 downpipe kit without catalyst.

Intercooler Upgrade Kit 200001071

The high-performance intercooler has the following dimensions (520mm x215mm x145mm /stepped 13,840cm³ / Stock IC 510mm x130mm x110mm, 7,293cm³)
Approx. 85% bigger surface and 90% more volume over Stock Intercooler. The competition core provides excellent cooling properties and weight is also very low (8,6kg).
The end tanks of the intercooler are made of cast aluminium and have been optimised with the help of flow analysis in the CAD system. Plug & Play Installation using the stock plumbing, no cutting or bumper removal required.

Packing List:
1 Intercooler
1 Mounting material
1 Installation instruction

The Downpipe-Kit for the BMW N20 engine 500001016

direct replacement for OEM BMW Part# 18327645666
made out of high quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304)
100% perfect fit, replace OEM
Less thermal load on the turbocharger
More power by reducing back pressure
Significantly more torque
Without Catalytic Converter
Connection diameter 105mm

BMW F-series N20

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